Instagram user online check?

There’s no “this user is online” symbol on Instagram, however, there is a way to get around this.

First of all, if you see comments from that account on posts, you can see when that comment was made. If it was made recently, chances are, they’re online.

Also, if they’ve just shared a post, the case is the same, with you being able to see when they posted it (unless they are private and you don’t follow them).

If you want to see their activity, tap on your notifications tab and swipe left. Here, you’ll see the activity of the people you follow so if they like something - you’ll know. If they follow someone- you’ll know.

Hope it helps!

This isn’t actually something that you can do just yet, but you can get pretty close with a couple of options.

If someone is doing a “live” through Instagram Stories, they are very clearly online and on Instagram If you go to your notifs and swipe to the right, you can see the activity of your followers. For example if they are liking photos or following someone new, it will all be outlined there and this is typically updated in real time so if someone just had recent activity within 5 seconds, they’re probably still on Instagram.

As far as I understand insta, it has messaging services however it's not a messenger in itself. hence we can assume a person to be online by their latest activities in the ‘ following’ (the heart icon). Besides if you message someone it too gives the ‘message read’ (an eye symbol on the sent most message signifies it to have been read) notification like many messenger these days.

Of course, you can see it from his posts: if the user adds photos and videos (don’t forget to look at the stories), he is active. But if there are no new posts, try to find the user’s activity in the feed: tap on the ‘heart’ icon and then ‘following’ and try to find any mentions about the user you need. The feed can show whether he liked some photos or videos, followed someone, commented some posts. But be aware that Instagram algorithm doesn’t show all actions so you probably won’t be able to see a certain user’s activity.

You can’t see this status.

The only possibility would be, to look at the notification tab. This is the place where you can see engagements of all the people you are following. These include likes on images and if they follow somebody else. There is also a timestamp that tells you when the user did the engagement, if it is just some minutes old maybe he is still online.