What is the purpose of Instagram?

The Instagram is nothing but a photo sharing app that can sell out as a story or moments of happiness or laughter. Its pretty addictive to only folks or communities that love to share the photos or stories about thier lives and things around them. But to my experience there are quite few things worth observing

If you are a travel person, globetrotter then this app is for you to manifest your travel experience to majority of people who would admire and follow you. If you are a fitness freak, bodybuilder and you keep sharing your photoshoots and selfies, then this is the app for you Many women are avid users of this app then men and its best place for them to share and gain a lot of attention If you are into Memes, limericks, funny videos, animal videos and stuff, then this app is for you The irony are the followers who find it amazing following anyone and striking any conversation that comes in thier head. Just like comments on Youtube. As a guy, if you are not into any of the above, then this app will be just as boring as you ever felt..Stick to Facebook or Twitter instead if not into selfies, pout, body pose, travel and all….

I personally use Instagram for Marketing. I also have a personal account. There’s just so much money on the table when it comes to Instagram Marketing. Instagram’s a social platform. What’s the point of any social platform? - socializing with people you know and networking with people you want to know.

Instagram can be used by anyone. People from all walks of life - you could be a celebrity, artist, photographer or even a business. Instagram is gonna be a very helpful tool to connect with people. It is THE platform to showcase yourself and your work. I really mean it when I say that. If you’re a business, Instagram is the place for your digital advertising needs.

You really have to use it to know what I mean. It’s an experience. It’s hard to describe an experience, you need to use it to know. Browsing through Facebook used to be my everyday routine and now I hardly log onto Facebook. I spend hours on Instagram though. Work related and personal use however.

Basically Instagram is a photo sharing app. And it is best at that among all other social media sites. It is known for its square image format, a virtual lack of a website and the filters it provides.

People use it for many reasons. Because it is having a great UI i.e, simple as well as having a great functionality.

You can share your personal photos and also can see the life style of your family or friends.

Apart from that it can be also used as business tool.


What about Instagram made it worth its $1B acquisition by Facebook?

Instagram is easy to use. I can say it also has the best filters I've seen in apps like it; on top of all, it has a great community. Once you get established, theres a lot to discover, learn, and interact with other photographers.

Contests and challenges are other things one can enjoy and learn from. Being a community of photographers brought together, it's easy to learn different techniques, I started out on Instagram with only what I knew but I've learn tons of new photography techniques and how to enhance the look of my photos.

As mentioned earlier, it's where one can grow to be a better photographer. You can edit your photos or enhance then with other apps and post them on Instagram or use the filters for finishing touches before posting.

I think people appreciate Instagram because of the feedback they get from the community, which helps them improve. When you're on it, and you know the basics, it's not just about 'photo-sharing' anymore. It's about enhancing and showing your best. That's what makes it hip and cool.

It's not really ABOUT Instagram as much as it's about Facebook wanting to be like Disney. In other words, by owning multiple brands and platforms that people are using around the world across their mobile devices, Facebook is able to own your time. (This is especially important because Facebook tried, and failed, to produce a "Facebook Phone" with AT&T and HTC and it was a total bomb, so they don't want to push into the world of mobile hardware.)

By owning your time, as the main Facebook portal becomes less and less relevant (and arguably, useful given their throttling of the newsfeed), Facebook is able to say to their shareholders that they still own your time, and they have numerous opportunities to make money.

So, it's best not to think of Facebook as a software or social media company anymore, but as a holding company for other popular brands the same way Disney owns Lucas Films, Marvel, and ESPN.