What makes Instagram Cool?

Instagram is easy to use. I can say it also has the best filters I've seen in apps like it; on top of all, it has a great community. Once you get established, theres a lot to discover, learn, and interact with other photographers.

Contests and challenges are other things one can enjoy and learn from. Being a community of photographers brought together, it's easy to learn different techniques, I started out on Instagram with only what I knew but I've learn tons of new photography techniques and how to enhance the look of my photos.

As mentioned earlier, it's where one can grow to be a better photographer. You can edit your photos or enhance then with other apps and post them on Instagram or use the filters for finishing touches before posting.

I think people appreciate Instagram because of the feedback they get from the community, which helps them improve. When you're on it, and you know the basics, it's not just about 'photo-sharing' anymore. It's about enhancing and showing your best. That's what makes it hip and cool.

It has the best integration with social services (Twitter, Facebook, Foursquare, Tumblr, Flickr) of any iPhone app I have ever seen. I am sure other services (Posterous, WordPress, Quora) are coming.

Because the pictures I create with Instagram are so interesting, I want to share them with friends... And the world! (In that sense, I haven't felt this way about a service since Twitter, Tumblr, and Flickr, and it combines elements of them all.)

My one (missing) feature request is that it stick my photos in a Facebook album the way it does for me in Flickr and Instagram itself.

But otherwise, it is an amazingly well designed mobile app with a great user experience for sharing photos and browsing the photos of friends.

I look at Instagram as the picture book to my life. I can chronicle the last two years of my life on Instagram in a really cool way. I have pictures of anything and everything - from an overdose of my newborn to gorgeous shots of mountains and trees, featured on other sites.

It's also really nice to have a place to post pictures specifically because my Facebook family really isn't into the artistic angle on the library cast-iron railing shadow or the closest picture of an insect I've ever captured, or the small onslaught of cryptic cemetery pictures. Instagram provides a brilliantly designed application for me to document and share my life through what I see, instead of what I think (like FB or Twitter).

I must say I enjoy Instagram a lot. I like it cos I am enjoying expressing myself through pictures. And since Instagram has the new feature: Instagram story, I have become more addicted toward this social media.

Well, it looks like I am like the rest of people who adore Instagram yeah, but please take some notes: