Free Instagram account age estimator.

Put in a username and enjoy the results.

Why is this tool useful?

It is almost impossible to know the exact date of creation of an Instagram account, yet it might be very useful. Check, if an Instagram account is legitimate or has a normal amount of followers for its age. Tell your friends, how old a celebrity account may be. Look up, what age an account is, without a need to log in.

Most of such tools on the internet are either broken or require to fill out a captcha for every request. So we decided to create this. Without a captcha!

How do we know, when an Instagram account was created?

By knowing the exact creation dates of many accounts (Out database currently consists of about 3 Thousand data points) we could extrapolate and estimate the creation date of every account ever registered.

What is going to happen next?

We are currently working on further tools for a very competetive price. In the long run we want to achieve something bigger. If you are interested in helping us figure out, what to do first, please consider filling out this form or contacting us